Hello! You were probably referred here because you met someone online who you may have accused of using "poor English" or "funny English". Chances are that that person who referred you here is deaf (hearing impaired) and uses American Sign Language in person.

Or, perhaps you were referred here because someone wanted you to understand the reason why some deaf people do not write or type English properly. Either way, here is the explanation:

American Sign Language (ASL) is the most common language used by Deaf Americans. Even though ASL uses English words, it is a native language of its own along with its own culture just like any other foreign languages. You know how some foreigners use "broken English" when they try to communicate in English? That is the same thing for native users of ASL.

In fact, many Deaf people have grown up using ASL as their primary language to the point where they are not fluent in written English which is the reason for their broken English, or "ASL speak".

So, please be nicer and more understanding the next time you meet someone who does not write or type English properly. ;)

This website was created by a deaf person fluent in both ASL and English.